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Your driveway or parking lot is an important part of your property. It’s among the first things visitors notice and can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your home or business. This is why it’s important to do your research and find the right Southern MD paving company for the job. 

Our team has paved driveways and parking lots for over 15 years, perfecting our techniques and providing highly-rated service to our customers. We’re happy to use our expertise and provide recommendations to our customers to ensure they get the right service for their property!

How do I Choose a Paving Company?

For most, a professional’s work is taken for granted until you see a poorly done job. But once you’ve driven on a poorly paved road, you will understand that not all companies are created equally. 

To ensure you hire the right contractor for the job, follow the guidelines below:


Are They Licensed?

 Any company you hire must be licensed and professionally qualified for the job. Inquire about their licensure before hiring.


Are They Insured?

Make sure they have workman’s compensation and liability insurance so you are protected if an accident or injury were to occur on your property. You won’t face hefty legal expenses if they have the proper insurance coverage.


What Do the Reviews Say?

Do your research and read as many reviews as you can to get a well-rounded picture of the company’s reputation and track record.


Do They Offer Free Estimates?

Professionals and contractors worth hiring will offer free, no-obligation estimates for any of their services. We recommend getting estimates from at least three companies to ensure you get quality service within your budget.

Southern Maryland Paving

As a locally owned and operated Southern Maryland company, we look forward to every opportunity to better serve our community with our work. Our team specializes in residential driveways, commercial parking lots, and public roads. We take pride in our work and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We don’t stop until you are happy with the results!

asphalt driveway paving southern maryland

Southern Maryland Driveway Paving

Your residential roadway is the perfect place for you to showcase your homeowner creativity. Installing new pavement is the first step to improve the overall appearance of your home and create the outdoor space you want. Your driveway is the first thing people see when they walk up to your front door, so it’s important that you take care of it. With professional service, it’s never been more affordable to make your road look like it belongs in a showroom. Give us a call and let’s increase your curb appeal with the best pavement on the block.

Asphalt Parking Lots

Parking lots and other commercial areas are a big part of the industry. Professional contractors pave these surfaces with hot liquid asphalt and pigmented aggregate which binds together to create an impermeable surface that is durable and looks great. The contractors do all of this work while following the industry standards. Put your best foot forward for your customers with brand new pavement!

Public Roads

Paving public roads is an effective way to make roads more durable. Asphalt withstands mechanical stresses better than other types of paving. Roads paved in this material are less expensive to maintain because the surface doesn’t erode as easily. Asphalt can also be built up in high traffic areas, which increases the strength of the pavement. Contact us for pricing of any public roads you need paved.


What is the average cost of asphalt paving?

The average cost ranges from just under $3,000 to a little under $5,000. Give us a call for a free, personalized estimate.


Is two inches of asphalt enough for a driveway?

Two inches is generally sufficient for a road that gets average wear and tear from vehicle and foot traffic. Commercial parking lots that get heavier and more frequent traffic, however, require at least three inches, not including the aggregate base.


How long do asphalt driveways last?

Most last anywhere from 10-35 years depending on a number of factors including how thick the pavement is, how regular you maintain it, how much vehicle traffic it gets, and the climate where you live. Of course, high-traffic areas like commercial parking lots usually require resurfacing more often.


Do I Need to Be Home?

You do not need to be home when our contractors arrive. Just make sure the driveway is clear and all objects are moved away so we can get to work.

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt?

Saves Money

It’s highly durable and low maintenance and can flex under heavy loads without easily cracking. It can also withstand intense weather conditions and last for years with some routine maintenance such as annual pressure washing.

Environmentally Safe

This material is completely recyclable meaning it helps preserve natural resources and saves taxpayers money.

Aesthetically Pleasing

A newly paved road looks clean-cut and smooth, adding to the aesthetics of your property or the environment as a whole. Whether it’s a new driveway in the neighborhood or a freshly paved public road, new asphalt has a noticeable and appealing look.

Improves Driver Experience

Asphalt offers a smooth, even surface that not only lowers the wear and tear on your vehicle tires but provides a more comfortable driving experience. With a smoother surface, there is less friction between the tires and the road, and this helps improve fuel economy. 

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Sealcoating Southern Maryland

Our team is proud to also offer professional sealcoating services. Your pavement is prone to wear and tear from the elements and vehicle traffic, so sealcoating is an important step in long-term property maintenance. Not only does it give your driveway a nice shine but it shields it from oil spills, erosion, fading, water damage, cracking, and more. 

Protect your investment with a good sealant. We recommend resealing once about every 3 years for optimal protection.

Asphalt Paving Near Me

Our mission is to bring our knowledge and experience and help transform your property with a beautiful roadway that lasts and looks good for years. Give us a call today to get started with your free estimate.

Southern Maryland Paving in St. Mary’s County

As a locally owned and operated company, all of our customers are our neighbors – and we treat them the way we would want to be treated by providing our best work in every single job. Give us a call today for your FREE estimate for the best Southern Maryland paving right here in Saint Mary’s County!

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